Challenges for Starting a Business in the US if You are an Asian Professional

What are some of the challenges of Asian professionals in the united states? What about some of their advantages for living and working in the US?

Well, let’s take each one separately and then take a look at what they have in common.

One of the most important aspects of being an Asian Professional in the US is that you will face some challenges.

  • The first challenge you will face is just the different way the society and the economy operates. Many of your peers will be less willing to help you when you need it than when you are in the business or related services industry. I mean, if you are, for instance, a plumber, many people will just think to themselves “Why should I spend money on something that has to do with fixing pipes”. It is a mindset that exists within the majority of the population and just doesn’t even cross their minds that your skill and knowledge can solve their problem.
  • The second challenge is that when you are starting out, you will face very few resources or even information on how to get started in your business. I mean there are not many “how-to” books on the market as far as the business industry is concerned. Granted, there are some magazines that specialize in Asian business, but to be honest, there are not that many resources for Asian professionals just starting out. You will find some books and CDs on the market, but nothing that is even close to a comprehensive book that shows you step-by-step everything that is involved with how to start and run your own successful business.
  • The third challenge that you will face as an Asian Professional in the US is a culture shock. When you are coming from a different culture, a different country, into a new land, the first two challenges are common enough. The third challenge is more common among Asians because we are not used to this and our culture says that we get a job and work until we drop. We do not like toil and we are used to the life of the employee. The only advantage we have is that we are smarter and quicker and have faster reflexes and so forth. These two challenges are actually great advantages. They mean that we can start working our business and run with it and soon we will be out of a job and running our business.
  • The fourth challenge is that as an Asian Professional in the US, your knowledge and experience on the job is limited. If you do not have a great mentor, you will feel lost and confused as to how to proceed. Your mentor is actually a great resource as there are many great methods and ideas on how to build your business and make it successful. Unfortunately, there are few ways to help you get your head straight and know exactly how to build your business in the best way.
  • The next challenge is that the majority of the Asian community in the US are self-employed. It is best to think of yourself as an entrepreneur. In the words of Warren Buffet “make money not people” and if you do not have a mentor, you should consider making one yourself. This way you can spend your time doing what you love doing which is building your business. You will be making money by doing what you love doing which is building your business.
  • The challenge you face is that most people in the US are self-employed. You need to prepare yourself to become an entrepreneur. You will have to learn to be a great manager and leader. You need to build trust in your ability to take care of your business. This will help you tremendously to build trust in your ability to take care of your business.
  • Finally, if you do not know how to hire great staff, you need to learn how to hire great staff. If you do not have the training or the ability yourself to manage great staff, you need to hire some great managers and leaders in your business. In the words of Michael Dell, “We don’t want to manage, we want to help people manage.” Don’t start your business with the intention of becoming a millionaire. But with the greatest good being greater than the greatest evil, you can achieve great things as an Asian professional in the US.