Atlanta Skyline

Atlanta Quick Facts

Atlanta, which was the name of a place in England, is the capital of Georgia State. It has played a key role in both the Civil rights movements. Atlanta History Museum chronicles the history of this city, and the Martin Luther King’s National Historic Site is devoted to his life and important achievements.

Downtown, Centennial Olympic Park stands as one of the most historic places in Atlanta, where the Civil War Battle Field once stood. It includes a statue of Jesse James, the last known free man to be lynched in the United States.

History and Museums

Atlanta’s history is very rich. If you want to learn about all the historical happenings of the city, you should go on a tour to the Atlanta History Museum.

In the Atlanta History Museum, you will discover all kinds of information about Atlanta’s history. You can also visit the many artifacts that have been used in the construction of Atlanta. The Centennial Olympic Games Park and Centennial Olympic Stadium. For the more adventurous traveler, there is the Chattaho Lake, an artificial lake that overlooks Centennial Olympic Stadium and Atlanta’s downtown core.

Atlanta History Museum offers tours and programs for all age groups. You should also try the Chattaho Lake Water Park, which is located right in the center of the city and offers exciting water activities.

Business and Culture

Atlanta is also a great place for business being one of America’s largest financial centers. Home to major corporations such as Boeing, Microsoft and Wells Fargo, Atlanta has a strong economy and is considered as a prime center of business activity.

Atlanta’s cultural scene is also quite famous. Atlanta is home to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the National Black Theatre, the Atlanta Film Festival and countless other arts and entertainment events. The Georgia World Congress Center is home to several major exhibitions and festivals.

Atlanta is also famous as the home of the annual World Cup in the summer. The famous “World’s Cup” attracts millions of visitors. The Georgia Aquarium is also located here, and it is well-known for its exotic marine life.


Centennial Arena is home to a baseball team, the Atlanta Braves. Here, the city’s sports teams regularly play and are supported by numerous local businesses. The Atlanta Falcons is another major sports team that regularly play in the venue.

Centennial Olympic Games Park is another great entertainment venue for the whole family. Here you will find numerous sporting events such as gymnastics, baseball, swimming, track and field and basketball. Many major Atlanta attractions are also located near this area including the Atlanta Convention Center, the Atlanta History Museum, and the Atlanta Tech Museum.