Become a Problem Solver-Turn Your Passion Into a Successful Business

People need to make a living, people need to make money. That’s how it goes, but the sad reality is that most people are working for money, not for love. As an entrepreneur, you can break the chains of working for money and be an artist instead. By doing this, you can turn your passion into a profitable business.

As an entrepreneur, you can be creative, find a need and fill it with creative solutions. You can work for yourself, work for passion.

What is a “problem”?

A problem is something that people need answered. People’s needs are unlimited and growing. That’s why problems grow into crises, and crises into problems, and eventually into what we call “problems.”

Problems and Crises happen most often during times of economic distress. They occur when people are uncertain about their future. People do not like uncertainty. People are motivated by certainty. So if you can invent an answer to a certain problem, and have the confidence that your answer is superior to all the alternatives, you become an entrepreneur. You become a problem solver, instead of a problem voter.

How to become a problem solver

1. Become a Problem Finder. Start making lists of problems that are troubling you. You don’t need to be a specialist in these problems – you can even be a beginner – just be passionate about finding the answers.

2. Turn them into Leads. By defining yourself as a problem solver, you will attract people who are also focused on solving problems. And as you answer their problems, you will find that many of your clients have the same problems. Because you are solving their problems.

3. Become a Researcher. You can start by doing research on the problems that you identified as your passions. You can use the information you find to invent solutions.

4. Get Feedback. The best way to get feedback about your ideas is to seek out your ideal clients. Test your solutions in person and email/fax them your work product, with a brief description of your approach, and a request that they give you feedback. In some cases, they will happily do this for you. You can then use that feedback to improve your idea.

Become a Problem Solver and you can turn your passion into a successful business.